Best Barrel Sauna of 2024 (The Ultimate Guide)

Whoever got the idea to create a sauna in the shape of a barrel is a…genius.

Not only do you get all the good benefits of a sauna, but the barrel shape makes sure you get proper heat distribution.

If you are reading this, chances are you are interested in getting yourself a barrel sauna to dive into the wellness world like me, or you might wish to build your ultimate home spa with a cold tub and a water chiller.

In all cases, I have created (like a mad scientist) the single, most complete guide for barrel saunas. I love saunas, I love quality, and I love you, and therefore here are my 5 best barrel saunas of 2024!

My Picks

Best Overall: Redwood Outdoors Extra-Wide Cedar Barrel Sauna

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Best Small: Almost Heaven Salem 2-Person Barrel Sauna

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Most Complete: Dundalk Panoramic Outdoor Sauna

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Best Big: 8-Person Barrel Sauna Kit W44

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Best Alternative: Redwood Outdoors Thermowood Panorama Sauna With Porch

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Best Barrel Sauna on the Market

What it takes to have the best barrel sauna? List of things that a barrel sauna brings.

Saunas are great for many things, including health benefits and calorie-burning. However, a good, clean sauna is what makes the experience simply better. Here are the best saunas on the market:

All saunas on this list have a one-year warranty from their sellers, as well as high-quality and reputable brands for customer support!

1. Redwood Outdoors Extra-Wide Cedar Barrel Sauna (Best Overall)

The Redwood Outdoors Extra-Wide Cedar Barrel Sauna is my number 1 pick for the best overall sauna in 2024, and rightly so!

If you read this blog, then you know I love and trust Redwood Outdoors products, especially their water chillers.

Mixing style with comfort, this sauna is built with Canadian Red Cedar (which smells amazing) and is one of the best cedar barrel saunas on the market.

What Makes This Sauna Special?

This sauna’s standout feature is its two-level seating, allowing users to experience high and low temperatures within the same session.

As you know, heat travels upwards, and there are critics that barrel saunas leave you with cold feet. The fact that there’s an elevated seat fixes that problem brilliantly.

Another key benefit of this sauna is its durability and convenience (Red Cedar can withstand all types of weather!!!)


  • Extra-wide design for enhanced comfort and space.

  • High-quality Canadian Red Cedar for longevity and weather resistance.

  • Two-level seating.

  • Reviewers like this product, and trust Redwood Outdoors.


  • Does need a licensed electrician to install the wiring for the lights and the heater (base build is fairly easy, however).


This Redwood Outdoors Sauna is starting at $7,599.

2. Almost Heaven Salem 2-Person Barrel Sauna (Best Small)

The Almost Heaven Salem 2-Person Barrel Sauna is the best 2-seater of the outdoor barrel sauna.

People who bought this sauna are satisfied, according to reviews.

Measuring 6’x4’, it’s a great sauna that fits in most backyards. It does not take up space, and who says small sauna also says it has a quicker heating time, and is easy to maintain.

What Makes This Sauna Special?

What sets the Salem sauna apart is its efficient heating system that can reach temperatures of 175-185°F in just 45-60 minutes, making it super convenient!

It is also equipped with a delay start feature, which can heat your sauna for a specific time later in the day to cool down for however long you want.

We all know that size does not matter…and this sauna is the proof. It might be small, but its wood is thick, making it durable and weather-resistant (you won’t have to worry about leaks).


  • Space-efficient design, perfect for smaller areas.

  • Quick heating time, reaching optimal temperatures rapidly.

  • Durable construction with 1-3/8″ thick lumber and stainless steel hardware.

  • They say 2-seater, but you could easily fit 3, and squeeze in a 4th.


  • With time, the outside might lose some color from wear and tear. It is preventable with regular maintenance.


The Almost Heaven Salem is starting at $3,812 before customizations. This makes it the most affordable of the bunch.

3. Dundalk Panoramic Outdoor Sauna (Most Complete)

Picture of the Dundalk Panoramic Outdoor Sauna

The Dundalk Panoramic Outdoor Sauna offers you the ultimate sauna experience and all the sauna benefits in a luxurious panoramic barrel sauna.

Views, porches, space, and so many customizable options…This makes it our most complete sauna of the bunch.

What Makes This Sauna Special?

This sauna’s standout feature is undoubtedly its acrylic dome (a big glass window), overlooking the view of your choice.

Dundalk is also a reputable brand, and their saunas are no joke! Reviewers absolutely love their product!

This barrel sauna is also the most customizable, offering you extra lights, heater types, dimensions, and the possibility to add a porch and a…wait for it…change room.


  • Unique panoramic view through the acrylic dome for an immersive experience.

  • Customization options to suit individual preferences and needs.

  • High-quality heaters with rocks ensure optimal heat distribution.

  • Comes with a convenient 3-peg towel hook for added utility.


  • Customization might lead to a higher price point compared to standard models.

  • The unique design may require additional maintenance and care.


Considering the fact this sauna has unique features and customization options, the Dundalk Panoramic Outdoor Sauna is positioned as a premium choice, starting at $12,932.

Want To Know More About Sauna Maintenance?

4. 8-Person Barrel Sauna Kit W44 (Best Big)

When building this list, I knew I had to include a big sauna, for those who intend to go in a larger group.

My funniest memories were made in saunas with my friends, and this is why I placed the W44 as our #4 spot.

What Makes This Sauna Special?

The W44’s most impressive attribute is its two-room design, offering a changing room and a steam room, as well as ensuring comfort and convenience…how cool is that?

They also give you the option to go with either an electric heater or a wood-burning sauna stove.


  • Spacious interior accommodating 6+ persons, ideal for group use.

  • Two-room layout with separate changing and steam rooms.

  • Comes with roofing shingles for extra protection against leaking and extreme weather.

  • Option of a heater or wood burning stove offered.


  • Since it’s a big ass sauna, assembly can be time-consuming and may require additional help.


Given its size and extensive features, the 8-Person Barrel Sauna Kit W44 is priced to reflect its value as a large-capacity sauna solution at $9,790.

5. Redwood Outdoors Thermowood Panorama Sauna With Porch (Best Alternative)

And finally, last but not least, comes the Redwood Outdoors panoramic barrel sauna with a porch as an alternative to the mega-machine Dundalk.

A sauna session that offers views and a way to cool down with a nice porch, you cannot go wrong with this barrel sauna.

This sauna is said to be great in a natural environment, with a panoramic view overlooking natural beauty.

What Makes This Sauna Special?

What makes this sauna special is its build: thermowood, which is wood heated at extreme temperatures. This means it is less likely to rot and collect fungi, less likely to insulate, and is more durable than most sauna wood types.

This sauna can heat up to a temperature of up to 195 F in under an hour, impressive for its size.


  • Panoramic glass back wall, and a nice glass door.

  • Environmentally friendly Thermowood.

  • Includes a porch.

  • Wi-Fi control heater option for convenience and remote operation.


  • A panoramic glass back wall means your heater will be installed on the floor (instead of wall-mounted), which means less space inside.


This Redwood sauna is starting at $7,599.

Things To Consider Before Buying Your Sauna

Things to consider before buying a barrel sauna

Size and Capacity

Based on the space you have in your backyard, or indoors (you do need the proper ventilation), choose a sauna that can fit.

Consider both the interior dimensions for comfort and the exterior dimensions for space planning.

Material Quality

High-quality wood types to ensure durability and weatherproof.

Thermowood and Red cedar are the best wood types. Other wood types like Hemfyr or Nordic spruce are good too but do need maintenance.

Ease of Assembly

If you’re planning a DIY installation, consider how easy the sauna is to assemble. Look for pre-cut and grooved kits that require minimal tools and expertise.

Consider easy assembly saunas if assembling isn’t your specialty, or you could hire someone to do it for you!

Cost and Budget

Determine your budget and consider the long-term costs, including maintenance and energy usage.

Do you want a small sauna that does the job, or a luxurious one to have the ultimate sauna experience?

Local Climate and Weather Resistance

Consider the climate in your area and ensure the sauna is suitable for your local weather conditions. If it rains or snow too much, consider adding roofing shingles for extra protection.

About Heaters, Floorings, Roofs, And Other Details

Electric Heater VS Wood Burning

You don’t know what to decide between an electric heater and a wood-fired heater? I got you!

  • Electric heaters are convenient and easy-to-control options.

  • Wood-fired heaters offer a more traditional experience and do need a chimney installed.

Essentially, they both heat you up, but wood burning takes a little bit more time, but gives you a nice scent. In the end, it’s just a matter of preference.

Visual representation of the barrel sauna flooring and roofing shingles.

A barrel design sauna is a cylinder, and that means the floor is rounded and might feel awkward. If you do not wish to have this flooring, you could install a flat floor to keep it sturdy!

As mentioned, if you live in a crazy-weather area, roofing shingles (basically a roof cover) can protect against leaks and degradation of material.

Final Thoughts

This concludes our complete guide for the best barrel sauna kit you can buy in 2024. High-quality saunas, with all they have to offer, in an easy-to-read article!

Whether you want a simple sauna for its health benefits or some of the most luxurious outdoor barrel saunas, there is something in here for you!

With that in mind, happy sauna everybody!


Are barrel saunas worth it?

Yes, barrel saunas are worth it for their efficient heat distribution, unique design, and immersive sauna experience.

What are the disadvantages of a barrel sauna?

Disadvantages include limited interior space, potential challenges in assembly, and the need for regular maintenance to protect against weather elements.

How long will a barrel sauna last?

A barrel sauna, with proper maintenance, can last 15-20 years.

Its longevity depends on the material quality, climate conditions, and regular care.

What is the best base for a barrel sauna?

A level, sturdy base made of concrete, pavers, or a reinforced wooden deck is best for a barrel sauna. It should support the sauna’s weight and prevent moisture absorption.

Should I put a roof on my barrel sauna?

While not always necessary due to their design, a roof can be added to a barrel sauna for extra protection against harsh weather conditions and to extend its lifespan.

Roofing shills are also recommended.

Do barrel saunas leak in the rain?

Quality barrel saunas are designed to be weather-resistant and should not leak in the rain. However, proper maintenance is key to ensuring the integrity of the sauna over time.

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