7 Best Turf Soccer Shoes (The Most Accurate Guide)

I once had an away game I was pumped about. I prepared everything: my cleats, all my gear, and I was locked in and ready to perform.

When I arrived at the away pitch, I noticed the ground was not a regular ground. It was a hard, carpet-like field…in other words, turf.

Needless to say, my performance was ruined…I was slipping and sliding everywhere, and I don’t know how I made it without injuries.

This is why you need turf shoes…it’s simply unplayable with firm ground cleats.

Lucky for you, I gave you the best turf soccer shoes of 2024, an accurate and no-BS review!

The Best Of The Bunch

my Pick
Image taken from Nike.com

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Academy

The Tiempo Legend 10 Academy is the best turf shoe when you take into account price, comfort, performance, and, durability. Jump to Review👇

Best Non-Leather: Adidas Predator acc.1 

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Best For Comfort: New Balance 442 Pro V2

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Best Durable: Mizuno Morelia Neo 4 

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What Are The 7 Best Soccer Cleats Of 2024

Normally, cleats are checked by referees before the game to adhere to soccer rules.

Turf cleats could be played on turf, most artificial grasses, and some soft natural grass. If the ground happens to be firm, then wearing turf shoes could be a dangerous thing.

Best Turf Soccer Shoes Under 100$

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Academy (Best Budget)

Nike Timepo legen 10 academy, one of the best turf soccer shoes
Image taken from Nike.com

The Tiempo collection is already a hit in the soccer cleats world, and it is no different on the artificial turf surface.

These shoes are technologically advanced, comfortable, have good traction on the field, and are extremely lightweight, which is perfect for you to feel good and have sweet ball control.

This shoe is made of synthetic leather, which can take the shape of the foot easily,

Key Benefits

  • Flytouch Lite engineered leather for a better fit and better feel
  • Multiple fins and Rubber outsole give you good traction (grip)
  • Designed to enhance skills like touches and footwork with cushioned areas


  • This shoe can only be played on turf. It will be harder to play on artificial or natural grass
  • A little narrow, which could annoy these extra-wide-footed players


The Nike Tiempo Legend Academy is priced between $70 and $90.

 Adidas Predator acc.1  (Best Non-Leather)

Adidas predator accuracy.1 TF
Image taken from Soccer.com

The Predators are one of two shoes that aren’t made of leather on this prestigious list. Normally, going for non-leather soccer cleats is a risk due to the fit and hug-around of the foot, but Adidas did a good job.

The HybridTouch vamp material used in the upper is lightweight and very thin, making you feel sharp and giving you that barefoot feeling for better dribbling and shooting.

This shoe also comes with ankle support for a better snug fit and control.

Key Benefits

  • Lightweight material = Light turf shoe
  • Ankle support for control
  • Great for shooting as there is more weight distribution on the front of the shoe


  • If you are used to leather, then it might take time for your foot to adjust to non-leather
  • Unlike the laceless FG or AG models of the Predators Accuracy, these turf cleats have laces (not necessarily a bad thing, just something to be aware of)


The Accuracy.1 TF is valued between $79,99 and $90.

Puma Future 7 Match

Puma Future match 7
Image taken from Puma.com

The Future Match, made with knitted material and…tape, is another comfortable and performant shoe on this list.

The material also happens to be very soft and stretchable, meaning you have a more true-to-touch feeling.

Because of the stretchable material, Puma even suggested taking out the laces for a better fit and ”looser feeling”.

Key Benefits

  • Soft Material
  • Key cushioned areas on striking zones 
  • Stretchable shoe
  • Can be worn laceless


  • Longer toebox than other shoes, so you need to get half a size down


The Future Match 7 starts at $90.

Nike Mercurial Vapor 15

Nike Mercurial Vapor 15
Image taken from Nike.com

The Nike Mercurial Vapor 15 is a TF version of the popular Mercurial model for full ground.

The shoe fits tightly and hugs your foot nicely thanks to the mesh material with a thin coating.

There is a cushion wrapping around your heel for protection, and another cushioned insole for a springy and fast feel…you can basically run fast and far with this shoe.

Key Benefits

  • Snug Fit 
  • Comfortable shoe with all the cushioning 
  • The material makes it a grippy shoe, good for dribbling


  • A bit narrower than other shoes, might need to buy a size up


The Vapor 15 is priced between $76 and $90.

Best Turf Shoes Over $100

 New Balance 442 PRO V2 (Best For Comfort)

Image taken from newbalance.com

The New Balance 442 Pro is made of stretchable, synthetic leather that hugs your feet snugly and takes its shape almost immediately.

The shoe’s fins provide great traction, making you more agile with the soccer ball.

Their main trait is the FuelCell cushion, which almost ”propels” you forward. Not only does it make the shoe safer, but it also makes you feel better while playing.  

Key Benefits

  • FuelCell for a more dynamic feel and propulsion 
  • Good traction with the rubber outsole
  • Synthetic leather to help with fit and comfort


  • Limited color option


The 442 by New Balance is priced at $129,99.

Mizuno Morelia Neo 4 (Best Durable)

Image taken from worldsoccershop.com

The Mizuno Morelia Neo 4 is one of the few turf shoe brands that still use natural kangaroo leather in the upper in 2024. 

Natural leather’s advantage is durability and can withstand wear and tear better than synthetic leather.

The Neo 4 also happens to be a lightweight shoe, giving you more ”freedom” on foot. The thin coat also gives you a more barefoot feeling, where players tend to feel more accurate with their shots on the soccer net.

Key Benefits

  • Natural leather makes the shoe more durable
  • Light shoe for ”barefoot” feeling
  • The shoe is stretchable and feels good while wearing it


  • Kangaroo leather tends to be unavailable in some regions of the world 


The Mizuno Morelia turf soccer cleats are priced at $110.

Adidas Copa Mundial

Image taken from Adidas.com

The Adidas Copa Mundial is a timeless shoe, whether on turf surfaces or artificial grounds.

This shoe is made of suede leather (artificial), which gives you more comfort while you play as it serves as a cushion and takes the shape of your foot easily.

This shoe is also perfect for wide-footed players.

Its straight, short fins (cleats) can grip almost any indoor surface.

Key Benefits

  • Soft comfort with suede and leather upper for a good fit
  • Cushioned ride with molded EVA midsole (better feel on the ball)
  • Better traction on turf with Traxion outsole


  • Not the best technology advanced shoe on the market in 2024


The Mundial soccer cleats are valued at $140.

Difference between AG, FG, and TF

difference between turf, artificial grass and natural grass

You might see most reviews display AG shoes (artificial ground) for astroturf. This is because artificial ground shoes could be played on turf, but are not ideal.

Remember my slipping story from the intro…yeah, don’t do that.

There is a reason why different shoes suit different fields, and that’s safety.

Now, we can’t buy different types of shoes for every ground…that’s expensive and unrealistic. 

Here’s a general rule when it comes to shoes and where you can wear them:

  • Turf can be worn in turf and dry artificial grass (less traction)
  • AG boots can be worn on natural grass, artificial grass, and turf (less traction on turf)
  • FG boots can be worn on natural, artificial (not recommended on turf)

Note: Turf shoes cannot be used on indoor courts. They will increase your chances of slipping significantly. For indoor soccer shoes, check out the Best Futsal Shoes.

Leather vs Synthetic Leather vs Non-Leather

You might have noticed that there are 3 types of materials used for shoes on this list: Leather, Non-Leather, and Synthetic Leather.

What’s the difference?👇

Natural LeatherDurability, Comfort, FeelHeavier, Not very weather-resistant
Synthetic LeatherWeather resistant, LighterLess comfort, Requires more break-in time
Non-LeatherSnug, “Barefoot” feeling, LighterLess protection, More break-in time


What is the best soccer cleat for turf?

The best turf soccer shoes include the Nike Mercurial Vapor 15, New Balance 442, Adidas Predator acc.1, and Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Academy.

How do turf soccer shoes differ from regular soccer cleats?

Turf soccer shoes have shorter rubber studs or cleats on the soleplate that are designed for playing on artificial turf surfaces, providing excellent traction and reducing the risk of injury.

Are turf shoes better than cleats on turf?

Turf soccer shoes are specifically designed for playing on artificial turf surfaces, offering better grip and stability compared to regular cleats, which can slip on turf. Canonical studs may slip on turf and cause injury.

Can you use turf soccer shoes on grass?

You can use turf soccer shoes on natural soft grass. However, firmer and harder grounds can be dangerous if not wearing normal studs.

Can you wear FG (Firm Ground) on artificial grass?

Yes, FG shoes can be played on artificial grass.

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