Best Water Chiller For Cold Plunge In 2024 (Best Guide You Will Read This Year)

We all agree the best road towards recovery is through cold therapy, specifically a cold plunge.

However, what good is a cold plunge if it’s not even cold? And you might ask yourself: ”I could just use ice?”

And this is why Uncle Ray is here to guide my friends: Using ice for your cold baths is a headache.

Going out of your way and buying, or making them in your freezer yourself, and then realize you might need more than you anticipated…

What if I told you that you could solve all this with one simple machine: A water chiller for cold plunge! It’s a game changer for ice bath users and athletes, and it will be for you, as much as it was for me.

Let’s see which ones are the best on the market in 2024.

How a water chiller for cold plunge works.

My Top 3 Picks

Best Overall: Spartan 1 HP Chiller

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Most Reliable: Redwood Cold Plunge Chiller

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Best Industrial/Lowest Price: EcoPlus Commerical Grade Water Chiller

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The 5 Best Water Chiller for Cold Plunge

Having a machine that keeps your water cool seems like a simple device you buy anywhere, but a good water chiller can change how good your cold plunges can be, especially if you live in a hot area.

Just like your sauna, a water chiller needs to function properly, and for a long time..

The following water chillers are the best on the market according to me.

1. Spartan 1 HP Chiller (Best Overall)

The first on the list is the Spartan 1 HP Chiller, the best overall pick. It got so high because it checks all relevant boxes such as user-friendly, easy setup, compatibility with all ice baths, and reliability.

Built with noise reduction and easy portability, the Spartan 1 HP Water Chiller is perfect for casual and in-home ice bath lovers…like me!

Key benefits

  • Include a powerful 1 HP motor capable of rapidly cooling water.

  • Equipped with a pump, which can filter your water regularly.

  • Can control the temperature from your mobile phone, and set timers…user friendly.

  • Max Temp.: 104 F Min Temp.: 38-40 F


  • Everything is included (tube, bolts, filter). An underrated pro if you ask me.

  • User-friendly interface.

  • Durable construction, and can withstand weather (outdoor unit).

  • Everything is already equipped, no additional parts are needed.


  • Higher price point compared to basic models.

  • May be oversized for smaller setups or tight spaces.


The Spartan 1 HP Chiller is valued at around $2,000, but is often on sale!

2. Redwood Cold Plunge Chiller (Most Reliable)

The Redwood Cold Plunge Chiller, a 3/4 horsepower unit that is super easy to use and hassle-free, is our most reliable pick on this list.

This water chiller was built for home users and athletes.

What makes it reliable? Redwood built a unit that you can simply leave outside, and nothing will happen to it. This model is solely built for cooling water and does so at an impressive rate:

”75F to 50F in ~4 hours” according to their website. (Note that cooling time depends on water volume, of course).

They also offer the full kit including the water chiller, the tub, and a barrel sauna for the ultimate home spa.

Key benefits

  • User-friendly design with a touch screen.

  • Durable build that ensures longevity…even outdoors.

  • Min Temp.: 35 F


  • Accurate temperature control for optimal cold plunge experience, all from the app.

  • Easy to install and operate (plug-in and that’s it).

  • Comes with tubes/hoses, and a filter as well.

  • Very quiet design.

  • 1-year warranty from Redwood.


  • Great specs come at an expensive price.

  • Does not heat (I understand we are rating water chillers, but other units have this option).


The Redwood cold plunges chiller is priced at around $2,799.

3. EcoPlus Commerical Grade Water Chiller (Best Industrial-Lowest Price)

The EcoPlus Commercial Grade Water Chiller is a formidable option for those needing to cool large volumes of water in their tubs efficiently.

The motor is a 1 and 1/2 horsepower, making it a very robust machine. It can also run 24/7, and therefore leave you stress-free about timing your cold plunges.

Key benefits

  • High cooling capacity, and can keep your water temperature consistent.

  • Powerful cooling capability for larger tubs, up to 500 gallons.

  • Robust commercial-grade construction, lasting you a long time.


  • Reviews love it and say it cools down ”surprisingly quickly”.

  • Awfully Quiet.

  • Durable and designed for long-term use.


  • Does not come with tubes and pumps, you need to buy extra parts and install them yourself.

  • Heavy and might not be as portable.


Compared to other water chillers, the EcoPlus is relatively less expensive at $1,591.06.

4. Coldture Chiller

This water chiller, which appeared in Dragon’s Den, is a robust chiller unit.

At 0.8 horsepower, this unit can cool water at a rate of 5 C every 45 minutes, all controlled via WiFi by your cell phone. This means you can plan your ice bath as early as the morning for your night plunge!

Although this was designed for home use, Colture used industrial material to add durability.

The UFC, the NHL, the NBA, the NFL, the MLB, and many other sports leagues are partnered with this brand, and their athletes use their products for their conditioning training.

Key Benefits

  • Min temp.: 3°C (37°F). Max Temp.: 40°C (105°F).

  • Comes with a filter that keeps your water clean.

  • Portable and all-in-one unit.


  • Offer cooling and heating.

  • One-year warranty offered by Coldture.

  • Easy to install.

  • Built with industrial material to add durability.


  • The price might be high for casual users or those with basic needs.

  • Cannot be left outdoors at a temperature of lower than -10 C.


Reflects its advanced features and robust build, positioning it as a premium option in the market, valued at $3,317.

Coldture does offer payment plans for you to pay in many installments.

5. Active Aqua 1 HP (For DIY)

This smaller and lighter water chiller is a great unit for home-owners. Although it is claimed to be for hydroponic usage (aquariums, etc.), it works very well with cold plunges.

Equipped with a boost option, this chiller unit could get your water cold, even at the highest temperatures.

Key Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly with R134a refrigerant.

  • User-friendly temperature control system with a boost function for faster cooling.


  • Powerful flow rate, with 1 HP.

  • Could stay on 24/7.

  • Low just set it up and you forget about it.


  • Might be louder than other chillers on this list.

  • Requires pump and fanning.

  • Active Aqua says it’s for indoor use only, but reviewers have said that they left it outside without anything happening to it. If you live in a cold area, you might need to be careful.


The Active Aqua starts at 1,803.59 but is often on sale.

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Water Chiller

A water chiller is something you will install and keep with you for a long time. Here is a list of important things to consider before making your decisions:

Cooling Capacity

Ensure the chiller can efficiently lower the water temperature to your desired level for optimal cold therapy benefits. Also, consider how much water your ice bath can hold, and how much water you plan on cooling.

Guide: a good ice bath should be between 50-59 F, as mentioned in my guide to ice bath. Your typical ice bath will most likely never surpass 500 gallons, and all chillers on this list can handle these quantities.


If you don’t want to do the plumbing yourself, then go for models with pumps and hoses included.

Size and Portability

Consider the size of the chiller and whether it can be easily moved or stored in your space. Are you looking to install and forget it, or move it around?

Noise Level

Choose a model that operates quietly, especially if you plan to use it in a residential area.

Temperature Control and Features

Check if the chiller offers precise temperature control and additional features like digital displays or remote operation with wifi

Price and Budget

Balance your budget with the features and quality you need in a chiller.

What Tubes and Pumps Should You Use For Your Chiller Unit?

Visual representation of the components of a water chiller.

A water chiller needs a tube or hose to work, two to be precise. One that takes the water from the the tub and runs it through the chiller unit, and another that takes the cold water from the chiller unit back to the tub.

They also need a pump to get the water flowing.

Now, most water chillers have tubes and pumps already included that are compatible with any cold plunge.

Here are chillers with everything included:

  • Spartan 1 HP

  • Redwood Water Chiller

  • Coldture Water Chiller

For the two others intended for DIY cold plunge, you do need to buy the pumps and hoses. If you want to buy the pump, I suggest one with 1100 gph (gallons per hour), which should be sufficient for an ice bath.

For the hoses, you need to check with the outlet and the size of your chiller and then get the appropriate one.

Is It Really Worth It?

You might wonder…at this price point, is it worth it?

A good water chiller will keep your water at the same temperature every day, for a long time., without ice needed, ever! In other words, it’s a one-time purchase. that you set up and forget.

In hot temperatures, your water will always go up, and you will need to buy ice packs, every single time.

I have been there, and I know that going to buy ice and preparing the cold plunge would be a hassle, and on days when I wasn’t feeling it, I would simply not bother with the ice bath…

A water chiller is worth it if you like taking ice baths. Get the right model and you can even get yourself a warm bath as well, practicing cold and hot therapy with one machine.

Final Thoughts

A water chiller is a great machine to step up your wellness level. There is one designed for all types of people, and all types of usage.

Just remember, if you do not wish to do the plumbing yourself, then buy the all-included models.

If anything, all 5 water chillers listed in this article come with a 1-year warranty, thus protecting your investment. Some of these chillers come with free shipping.

So now, you are equipped with the best information to get your brand new chiller, and start killing it in the ice bath world!


Can I use a water chiller for ice bath?

Yes, a water chiller is specifically designed to cool water for ice baths, ensuring the water reaches and maintains a low temperature.

What is the best water chiller for ice baths?

The best water chiller varies based on individual needs, but popular options include the Spartan 1 HP Chiller and the Redwood Cold Plunge Chiller for their efficiency and features.

How do you chill water for an ice bath?

You chill water for an ice bath by using a water chiller, which cools the water to the desired temperature quickly and maintains it consistently.

What size water chiller do I need for a cold plunge?

The size of the water chiller needed depends on the volume of your tub; generally, a 1 HP chiller is sufficient for most home cold plunge tubs.

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