How Far Does A Soccer Player Run In A Game? (All The Stats)

Have you ever wondered how far a soccer player runs per game?

The game of soccer is a demanding one. With a field of 120m per 90m, it’s no wonder professional soccer players have to run their asses off every game.

With a sport that requires lots of running, athletes must be fit and train their conditioning to be able to endure a 90-minute game.

But this begs the question: How far does a soccer player run in a game?

Key Takeaways 

  • On average, soccer players run 7 to 11 km per match (5,5 to 6,8 miles).
  • The distance players cover depends on their positions and competitions.
  • Defender (CB) is the position that runs the least.
  • Midfielder is the position that runs the most.
  • Soccer is the sport that requires the most running.

How Far Does A Soccer Player Run In A Game?

How far does a soccer player run in a game?

On average, soccer players run 7 to 11,2 kilometers (km) per match, or 5,5 miles to 7 miles, according to the study reported in 2021 by CIES.

In the last FIFA World Cup in 2022, the average distance covered was 10,62 km or 6.61 miles.

It’s key to note that this number is an average, and some players may have run more in a single match.

Which Factors Dictate How Much A Player Runs in A Game?

It’s clear that not every player runs the same distance…For example, you cannot expect a striker to run as much as a midfielder.

The significant factors that dictate how far a soccer player runs in a game:

  • Position
  • Competition

Although many other factors could play a role such as age, play style, and whether your team has possession or not…these 2 factors are the most significant.

Average Distance Per Position

The position of the player will undoubtedly determine the amount of ground covered. A striker, who runs only when the ball is around to finish, is not the same as a midfielder who has to defend and attack at the same time.

On average, midfielders run more than any other position, followed by wingbacks. The position that runs the least is center-back, just behind the strikers.

Here are the distances covered by each position in 2021:

  • Centre Back: 9,2 km
  • Full Back: 9,8 km
  • Midfielder: 10,6 km
  • Winger: 10,2 km
  • Forward (Striker): 9,9 km

Data taken by CIES in 2021.

Which League Has The Most Amount Of Running?

how far does a soccer player run in a game: distance covered by country

Per multiple reports, Spanish La Liga is the league that covers the most distance out of the European top 5 leagues (Spain, France, England, Germany, and Italy).

It is followed by Serie A (Italy) and Premier League (England).

The League with the least amount of running in total distance is France’s Ligue 1.

It’s important to note that running the most does not mean the league is the most intense. As you know, an aggressive and intensive league is characterized by the physicality and the number of sprints done per 90 minutes.

Notable Players Who Run Per Game

While stats started to get recorded in the ’90s (as early as ’92), and the most recent data could be deducted from the latest games, here are distances covered by the numbers:

Marcelo Brozovic

Marcelo Brozovic holds the record for the most distance covered in a single soccer game, which is 16,3 km vs Japan in the Fifa World Cup 2022.

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Ngolo Kante

While Ngolo Kante does not hold the record, he is a player who records many high numbers of miles per game.

His most notable is the 11,38 km against Real Madrid while fasting for Ramadan.

He also ran 306 km in 26 games, an impressive number for a soccer player.

James Ward-Prowse

Ward-Prowse is another midfielder with an impressive work rate. The English midfielder is always among the top players to run in the league.

He ran 433 km in the 2022-2023 season, the most by any player that season.

This season, he ran an impressive 12,95 km against Nottingham Forest.

James Milner

James Milner is a player who does a lot of running…which is more impressive given his age. 

Opta Stats revealed the player with the most distance covered in a full 90-minute game, and Milner took the number 1 sport with 11,2 km.

This stat is more impressive knowing that he was 37 at the time…

Comparison To Other Sports

Distance covered in other sports

Let’s compare how soccer players run next to other sports (In Miles):

  • American Football: 1,25 miles per game 
  • Basket Ball: 2,55 miles per game
  • Tennis: 3 miles per game
  • Rugby: 4,34 miles per game
  • Soccer: Up to 7 miles per game 

Data taken from Heads Up


The next time your coach makes you run around, just know he means well…

Soccer players are the athletes that cover most ground out of any sport, and some of the numbers are baffling…even reaching up to 10 miles covered per game.

While the stats and the numbers don’t lie, for the soccer players out there who are aspiring to become better at soccer, it is important to train for the physical aspect of the game.

And what’s next? Well now you know how far a soccer player runs in a game, you can train to become as fit as the pros.


Do all soccer players cover the same distance in a game?

No, the distance covered by soccer players can vary based on their position on the field. For example, midfielders and full-backs tend to run the most, covering up to 10 km in a game, while goalkeepers may run less.

How is the distance run by soccer players tracked during a game?

The distance covered by soccer players is often tracked using GPS technology and sports performance monitoring systems, providing valuable data for coaches and analysts.

How much distance does an average soccer player cover in a game?

On average, a soccer player will run approximately 6 to 11,2 km in a game.

How many miles does a woman soccer player run in a game?

Women cover an average of 10,5 km per game.

How far do soccer players run in a World Cup game?

The last FIFA World Cup had players who covered an average of 10 km per game.

What is the most distance covered by a football player in a single match?

Marcelo Brozovic holds the record for the most distance covered in a single with 16,3 km in the World Cup 2022 game against Japan.

How many miles does a football player run in a game?

An American football player runs 1,25 miles per game on average, while professional soccer players run up to 7 miles per game.

How far does a basketball player run in a game?

A basketball player runs an average of 2,55 miles per game.

How many miles do you run in a soccer game in high school?

The youth soccer athletes run less than professionals, in a range of 2 to 10 miles per game, depending on age groups, positions, etc

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