Although I am simply an athlete who writes based on experience, thorough research, and reviews from customers from various websites, I do surround myself with professionals who fact-check every article I write and provide necessary adjustments for the most up-to-date and truthful information possible.

In a world of misinformation and fake news, not everything we read on the internet is honest, and I suggest readers be careful while surfing the web.

My mission is to create a website that is completely free of misinformation. Every research I do is conducted extremely carefully, and I make sure I land on safe and verified sites that professionals write.

As mentioned, my articles are all fact-checked and reviewed by professionals to ensure the best quality of content on Ray’s Lifestyle Field.

Here is the list of professionals that are partners of Ray’s Lifestyle Field:

Fouad Mounzer-Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Fouad Mounzer is a seasoned police officer with 15 years of expertise specializing in terrorism and anti-drug units. Also, a graduate in psychology from the Lebanese University, Fouad now brings over four years of clinical psychology experience to the table. Committed to making a difference in both fields, he integrates his unique perspectives to serve those in need better.

Samer Saraya-Kinesiologist

Samer Saraya is a Kinesiologist passionate about rehabilitation and getting his patients to optimal recovery. He studies at the University of Québec in Montreal (UQAM) where he practices his craft on patients. He is also a certified personal trainer and adds valuable insights to the content provided in Ray’s Lifestyle Field. When he’s not indulging in the arts of recovery, you can catch him walking his Belgian Malinois, Ryko the Rocket.